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Addressing Global Affairs Issues

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Addressing Global Affairs Issues


DON MARTIN: Welcome back. Well the Conservatives push hard to pass a motion condemning ISIS for committing a genocide of their enemies in Iraq and Syria. The Liberals say that’s something international authorities should declare. Well here’s the clashing political view on whether Canada should be doing this. Here’s interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose earlier today.

RONA AMBROSE (Interim Conservative Leader): This is the deliberate slaughter of specific groups of innocent people, and it’s called genocide. So far, Canada’s minister of foreign affairs has avoided calling these actions genocide. He has said in the House of Commons that he wants to investigate whether or not genocide has taken place, and he has said that it may constitute a genocide. I believe, and those of us on the stage today, and all of the Conservatives in parliament, believe that what is happening is a genocide, and we believe it is time for the government to stand up and say the same thing.

MARTIN: Okay, Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion had some explaining to do and he did so during the debate on the motion. Here’s what he had to say.

STEPHANE DION (Foreign Affairs Minister): ISIL has committed atrocities that may constitute genocide. This government stands with the United Nations and its international partners in calling for a judicial investigation on this matter and for an end to impunity for the perpetrators of serious international crimes. We welcome our Conservative colleagues amend their motion to reflect the approach taken by the government of Canada, and by the international community, to call on the United Nations to announce a responsible international investigation.

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