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A global portal of R2P-related media articles for students, scholars, and civil society.


  • Jul 07 / 2013
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Currently, R2PLive contains articles whose content include at least one of the following strings: “R2P”, “RtoP”, “Responsibility to Protect”. While R2PLive.org contains articles written in various languages, the project in its current form only covers those articles that make mention of the English-language strings listed above. Over the months to come, R2PLive will be expanding its linguistic reach to include strings in all 6 official UN languages.

Analysts categorized articles by continent, country of origin, genre, themes, language, and country discussed. The post for each article covered includes its title, publishing information, and first several sentences, as well as a link to the original article or its media source whenever possible. R2PLive analysts will also be conducting research and analysis of media coverage in particular countries and of specific conflicts. The site will be updated in the future to incorporate these projects.

We are proud to announce our latest publications, available here:

R2PLive Report 1

R2PLive Working Paper Series 1: R2PT Index