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Barbarians in town


Barbarians in town

LET me begin with some words of appreciation for my readers. You are all wonderful, many of you read and find time to either write or talk back. Your contributions have made this column one of immense impact. For me many of the reac­tions are very inspiring, especially in our kind of environment, where it would seem that what one is do­ing is the argument of the deaf: you talk and those who should heed don’t. If our leaders read newspapers and news magazines and take to heart just 50 per cent of the prescriptions and observations, our nation would not be where it is.

From what I know, dullards can successfully lead the nation or any component part by just reading the papers and adopting thousands of well researched suggestions that are churned out every day, but the problem is that our leaders don’t read and some of us who manage their media and communication affairs have over the years failed to get beyond the newspaper cut-out system to making our princi­pals find time to read newspapers and news magazine themselves. Excuse of no time is not tenable because I know most Nigerian leaders can waste over six hours chatting with a friend, contractor agent and even concubines over choice alcoholic drinks. I have been in government to know that a president or a governor can end a resourceful day by 5pm. For a top class executive most routine administrative responsibilities can be handled at home in the night, after-all ‘masters of the night con­quer the day.’

The Peoples’ Parliament would have sat today but the session is being postponed not because the Speaker or any other top official is facing trial over corruption charg­es. No, it is just that there are issues of urgent national importance we ought to deal with before we lose the platform from which we op­erate. Our nation has come under different kinds of assaults in past weeks in such a dimension that the very foundation of our exist­ence as a nation is becoming very vulnerable. The situation is such that the intervention of all patriots has become inevitable if we are to nip these negative tendencies in the bud, before they become emergency cases, if they are not already. So I crave the understand­ing of our parliamentarians and as­sure the parliament would sit very soon especially now that we would begin discussions on the perfor­mance of the Buhari government. Observe that I did not use the word scorecard or verdict. The past one month has been one of blood, tears and sorrow across the nation; this is apart from the blood bath in the North-eastern part for years and which we are yet to be told what the causes are. Somewhere in Taraba State, some barbarians descended on one of the local gov­ernments and practically wiped out one community. We heard the re­port, saw the pictures of the devas­tation and the dead was accounted for, running into hundreds; we heard all that and two days after it was as if nothing happened.

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