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Honour killing is human rights violation, says Nallakannu


Honour killing is human rights violation, says Nallakannu

MADURAI,TAMIL NADU Honour killing is human rights violation, said Communist Party of India leader R. Nallakannu here on Saturday.

Speaking at a public hearing organised by Evidence, an NGO fighting against honour killing, he said that every human being had the right to live. The government has the responsibility to protect its civilians. Whenever there was an attempt to harm or attack a person, the government cannot remain a mute spectator. Through its agencies, law offenders should be taken to task. In the event of failure in this regard, it would reflect on poor governance only, he noted.

The veteran politician said that it would be a shame, if a society failed to protect womenfolk. At a time, when two women – Sindhu and Sakshi Malik – had brought laurels to the country by winning silver and bronze at the Olympics, atrocities against women, in any form, cannot be tolerated. It should stop. The society has to unite and fight against those, who ill-treated and victimised people in the guise of caste, creed and religion, Mr. Nallakannu said.

Criticising the State government, the CPI leader said that at a time when honour killings were reported in many parts of Tamil Nadu, the government’s denial was unfortunate. Those in power should bury their ego and come to the rescue of the victims. This alone would send a strong signal to the law offenders. Recalling how a suspect, Yuvaraj, had allegedly threatened the CB-CID police of dire consequences through social media and WhatsApp, which is investigating the sensational death of Gokulraj, Mr. Nallakannu stressed the need for swift disposal of cases by the judiciary.

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