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How to Succeed in the Networked World

North America

How to Succeed in the Networked World

How to Succeed in the Networked World
Anne-Marie Slaughter
5346 words
1 November 2016
Volume 95; Issue 6; ISSN:00157120
Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved.


[...]it is the world of many of the most pressing twenty-first-century global threats. [...]much of the civil rights work of this century will entail championing digital rights.\n In 2005, the un General Assembly adopted a watered-down version of the R2P doctrine.

A Grand Strategy for the Digital Age

Foreign policy experts have long been taught to see the world as a chessboard, analyzing the decisions of great powers and anticipating rival states’ reactions in a continual game of strategic advantage. Nineteenth-century British statesmen openly embraced this metaphor, calling their contest with Russia in Central Asia “the Great Game.” Today, the tv show Game of Thrones offers a particularly gory and irresistible version of geopolitics as a continual competition among contending kingdoms.

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