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Is The West Failing To Uphold Their Response To Protect (R2P) Commitment?


Is The West Failing To Uphold Their Response To Protect (R2P) Commitment?

by Lewis Barton

Huffington Post UK

In a little over a month’s time, the world will stop and remember the Tutsi genocide of Rwanda in 1994. As we approach the twenty-third anniversary, it is customary to reflect on the lessons learnt and see how far we have come in the aftermath of such an atrocity. However in light of current world events, it is unlikely that any of this reflection could be positive. This raises the question, has the West failed to uphold their response to protect commitment?

Western states have always prioritised domestic responsibilities over international ones, as all countries do. However, the gap between these responsibilities has never seemed so wide. Recent political events seem to suggest a possible cultural shift when it comes to Western states becoming embroiled with an international crisis.

On the political stage, Donald Trump championed a nationalist sentiment to become the 45th President of the United States. The campaign leading up to the British EU referendum was tarnished with anti-immigration/refugeerhetoric. Right-wing parties across Europe, including Austria, Hungry, Greece and France, have all seen a rise in popular support. These events have seen the birth of an ‘us vs them’ attitude, based on a climate of fear and hate. Undermining the basic concept of human rights and demonising the very people who should be protected.


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