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Jewish community in UK commemorates Genocide

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Jewish community in UK commemorates Genocide

The Jewish community during the comemmoration event in London on Sunday. (Courtesy)

The Jewish community in London marked the 22nd anniversary of the beginning of the Genocide against Tutsi on Sunday.

World Jewish Relief, in partnership with JW3, a London Jewish Cultural Centre, held an event to explore the shared history of Rwanda’s 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and the Holocaust.

Amb. Yamina Karitanyi, the Rwandan High Commissioner to the UK, told the audience that commemoration has a dual significance today, in regards to remembering what was lost, and fighting against Genocide denial.”

Over 100 guests heard how the Genocide had claimed the lives of more than a million people between April and July 1994 in just 100 days of targeted killing.

According to a statement, Karitanyi responded to questions about causes of the Genocide, giving a chronological account of premeditated and prejudiced politics from 1930s when Belgian colonialists introduced identity cards which broke the social fabric of a cohesive Rwandan society into ethnic polarisation namely; Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa.

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