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Conflict lurches toward genocide

North America

Conflict lurches toward genocide

Geoffrey P . Johnston
1397 words
5 December 2016

The ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Syria and the resultant refugee crises tend to dominate international news. Meanwhile, the escalating civil conflict and threat of genocide in South Sudan are being largely ignored by traditional news outlets and online digital news sites.

The long-suffering people of South Sudan endured many years of religious persecution, racism, slavery and economic oppression at the hands of the Islamist Arab regime that ruled the once-united Sudan.

The ethnic African and mostly Christian population in the southern half of Sudan fought to win their freedom, waging a long war of national liberation against the Islamist forces of the north. South Sudanese finally won the right to determine their future at the ballot box. In a 2011 referendum, they voted overwhelming in favour of separating from the rest of Sudan.

The hope and joy of independence quickly gave way to anger, frustration and suspicion as the reality of governing a divided society set in. Not only was government corruption a major problem in the newly independent nation, the government was at war with itself.


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