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NCP regime poised for Darfur Referendum willy-nilly coinciding with new escalation of killing spree


NCP regime poised for Darfur Referendum willy-nilly coinciding with new escalation of killing spree

The flaws in the NCP decision of carrying out Administrative Referendum in Darfur regardless of the attrition proxy civil wars it continues waging against the unarmed noncombatant citizens will be exposed in this article. With the facts at hand all in detail, time is overdue for action taking; condemnation statements fell on deaf dumb ears and have not taken us forward one iota. The Sudanese opposition components need today before tomorrow to move into action because dwelling in the past and ruminating the pains, licking the wounds and complaining will not help the country’s issues and crises of its people, but more damage. The political and armed opposition components need putting their differences aside for the sake of Lifting the country out of the dark abyss after finishing off the putschist authoritarian criminal regime who shops in the name of the Islamic faith which disowns all the hypocrisy of the gang led by the dictator Omer Bashir and his entourage.

The regime of the National Islamic Front (NIF) came to Sudan at the cunning of history and the moment of a wasted time to stifle the breath of the great people of the giant Homeland Sudan in Darfur. Therefore, the failure came walking on feet protected by tanks of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), unfortunately on 30th June 1989 and beyond the Lost Time. Moreover, the regime wasted the entire state budget on its security devices. NIF came chanting deceptive religious slogans that say we are out for the worship of God and not for the transitory world and it is a Cultural Project with Apostolic Orientation. They aimed at building a police state for the country, pave the way for Omer al-Bashir and his family and NCP to loot, and steal all the bounties of the country and its resources. Furthermore, the economy collapsed because of the corruption of the ruling regime. The indebtedness of Sudan to the global financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank and other financial institutions amounted to $ 45 billion US dollars and an annual budget deficit of more than $ 5 billion. Sadly that Omar al-Bashir and his regime has demolished the great Sudanese army for fear of coups, and replace it by tribal militias of Janjaweed, bandits and gangs of armed robbery and fleeing expatriate mercenaries from neighboring African countries. Thus, the people of Sudan have to spend their entire budget on a failed army that does not fight a war against an aggressive foreign country, nor against neighbour who usurped the land of Sudan. The NCP President Omer al-Bashir got rid of a committed National Sudan Armed Force (SAF) because of his fear of the danger the national army could pose to his continuation in power. This is a regime that spent more than a quarter of a century to kill children, women and elderly people in Eastern Sudan, region of Darfur, Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan, Ingessana in southern Blue Nile, people of Nubia in Kajbar and Amrey and burning villages and raping women! !! For these reasons the Sudanese people became convinced that such an army is not worthy to honoured, and they would rather prefer to be in a state without an army to spend its budget on education, health, electricity and water services for the welfare of the poverty stricken majority citizens to live honorable enhanced life.

Corruption and waste of public money reached the summit

Corruption under (NIF/NCP) regime reached its peak. According to the daily Newspaper which the spy agent (NISS) instantly closed said that the President of the Islamism regime Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir granted as a free gift a brand new Land Cruiser 2016 model car with –price of one billion and a half pounds – to every one of the army officers in his former batch colleagues in the Military Academy; the act of corrupted bribery!

The systematic plots woven and cultivated by the regime of the NCP, one after the other, against the people of Sudan in the Darfur region represented in the following manner and at this pace as a continuation of the previous genocidal crimes and other series of atrocities:

Chain of events, which affected the Darfur region and its people, included

1) The massacre of the citizens of El Geneina town and villages around

2) By the decision to dismantle the IDP camps the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) regime led by the genocidal criminal Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir tries to bamboozle the international community that the problem of the IDPs camps in Darfur has ended by the return of the residents to their homes voluntarily! In conformity with the plan, an influential official of the ruling regime announced the intentions of his government to dismantle all IDP camps during 2016. He gave two options for the displaced citizens; accepting resettlement or return to their original areas in a period of 50 days from his announcement. He further reiterated his government’s commitment to take all necessary measures and do the needful to achieve this goal, stressing that “the year 2016 will see the end of displacement in Darfur. http://www.sudanjem.org/2016/01/walking-the-talk-or-fleeing-the-scene/

3) Scorched earth campaign in the areas of Jebel Marra

4) The systematic targeting of Darfur students in Sudanese universities with murder, arbitrary arrest and expulsion from boarding student accommodation by students affiliated to the National Congress Party (NCP) and by the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS).

5) Omar al-Bashir government’s attempts to expel the joint mission of the United Nations and the African Union (UNAMID) in Darfur to provide the opportunity for the militias and mercenaries of the regime of the NCP to exterminate or forcefully remove the displaced population from the IDP camps, thinking that this would bamboozle the world that the issue of Darfur has been addressed and ended!

6) The plan for imposition of an alleged administrative referendum to Darfur to undermine the region and causing fragmentation of the social fabric of the people of Darfur and dividing the communities on ethnic lines in order to apply the principle of divide and rule, and sow discord among the components of society and stir up tribal warfare.

7) Recruitment of the notorious Janjaweed militias, codenamed rapid support forces (RSF) and mercenary from neighboring countries to occupy and colonize Darfur

8) Continuous shelling and aerial bombardment of areas of citizens’ housing by war aviation that result into the destruction of water sources and the killing of cattle and burning farms and houses

9) Use the most humiliating crime of mass gang rape as a war weapon against young girls and women sometimes in front of their relatives who are threatened and forced to watch the crime as it is going on; mass rape crime in the village of Tabit in north Darfur against more than 200 women and girls by army soldiers in October 2014. Rape in Tabit remains the most egregious example of the horror.

10) Sanctity of killing innocent humans went unheeded in the NCP ruled Sudan

The NCP regime which claims of applying Islamic Sharia in Sudan, in clear contradiction, has legitimized to its security apparatus National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) to use live ammunition to shoot to kill innocent civilians in the West Darfur City of Geneina in complete disregard to the sanctity of Spilling the blood of innocent civilians formed of children, women and infirm elderly who were protesting peacefully against the government allied Janjaweed militias. The militias attacked their villages, killed people, looted property and burnt homes. When the NISS opened fire at them, the civilians were trying to take refuge at the headquarters of the state government building. The Janjaweed militia that attacked the villages of Moly and the surroundings and killed the civilians is allied to the (NCP) regime and is known as the Rapid Support Force (RSF). Thus, the regime of the NCP made the sanctity of killing the innocent unheeded.

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