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No Holds Barred: The Israel warrior

Middle East

No Holds Barred: The Israel warrior

When Jews living peacefully in their ancient homeland are targeted for murder, the Israel warrior builds a defensive army to protect life.

A few days ago, after spending Passover in Israel with my family, I brought my eldest son close to me and placed my hands on his head (he’s taller than me).

We had traveled to Israel to spend the holiday with him because the IDF, where he is a combat soldier, would not let him leave the country. It was amazing for our family to spend a full week with him when most of the time we get 10 minutes to speak to him from the field.

Knowing he was returning to the Golan Heights, where he is just across the border from the Iranian-funded monsters of Hezbollah, I invoked God’s blessing upon him: May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord shine his light toward you and be gracious to you. May the Lord life his countenance toward you and grant you peace.”

I reminded my son that Hassidim never say goodbye, because they are constantly in the process of meeting. It was much harder for his mother to say goodbye to her son and see him off in his olive green uniform.

But as he departed I grabbed him by the shoulders and said to him, There are three levels in devotion to a cause.

The first is, God forbid, to die for a cause, martyrdom. The Jewish people has had way too much of that already. You must stay as far from that as the sun is from Pluto. The second, much higher, is to live for a cause. But the third and the highest are not just to live but to fight for a cause. And you are a part of it.”

A new kind of Jew is now inhabiting the Earth. It is the Jew who is fed up with being subject to a hatred he has never earned and malice which he does not deserve. It is the Jew who knows he has done nothing to warrant the world’s enmity. It is the Jew who knows he killed no one’s god, stole no one’s land, poisoned no one’s wells, drank no child’s blood, and is the victim, rather than the perpetrator, of genocide.

For too long we Jews have developed a surrender mentality.

If six million Jews die, it must be because we were sinful.

We didn’t observe the Sabbath. God punished us.

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