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Prof. Michel Chossudovsky: The War on Terrorism Provides the Basis for Demonizing the Muslims

Middle East, North America

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky: The War on Terrorism Provides the Basis for Demonizing the Muslims

TEHRAN (FNA)- A world-renowned Canadian scholar says that the project of War on Terror was launched with a view to demonize the Muslim nations and then dominate their vast oil reserves.

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky is of the opinion that the United States created the terrorist cult Al-Qaeda and is now pretending to be fighting and eradicating it while in effect funding and assisting it. He also believes that the United States has been responsible for the demise of democracy in several Asian and Latin American nations through waging unprompted wars and coups against the democratic governments in such countries as Chile, Argentine, Guatemala and Brazil.

According to Prof. Chossudovsky, the Western mainstream media uphold the United States as committed to democracy and human rights, when in fact the United States in its various military interventions around the world, not to mention the numerous coup d’états in Latin America, Asia and elsewhere has been involved in crimes against humanity on a very large scale.”

Michel Chossudovsky is a Canadian economist and a professor emeritus of economics at the University of Ottawa. He is the founder and director of the Montreal-based Centre for Research on Globalisation. He has extensively written on the US foreign policy, the War on Terror, human rights, the rights of ethnic minorities and nuclear proliferation.

Prof. Chossudovsky has authored several books the latest of which entitled Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War” was published in 2012. His articles and writings have usually been featured in the Project Censored’s Top 25 Most Censored Stories of the Year.”

In an in-depth interview with Fars News Agency, Prof. Chossudovsky explained his viewpoints on the decline of the American democracy, the violation of human rights in the United States and the War on Terror scenario. The following is the text of the interview.

Q: Do you believe that the political establishment in the United States has been formed on the basis of liberal values? Is the US government committed to liberalism?

A: I think we have to distinguish between the doctrine of liberalism and democracy which is entrenched in the US Constitution and the actual practice of liberalism. In effect, the US state system even from the very outset was based on oppression. It was characterized initially by slave labor economy and subsequently, it led also to a process which some authors characterize as genocide directed against the indigenous people of North America also known as the First Nation. If we look at more recent history, particularly in the post-9/11 period, we see a clear evolution toward a police state apparatus whereby fundamental civil rights are being derogated upon; we see the militarization of justice and law enforcement, and if we look at the economic dimensions, we see the adoption of policies which tend to violate the fundamental notions of liberalism namely the so-called neo-liberal reforms, which have been applied worldwide and are also applied in the United States and are now leading to the elimination of essential social services, health, education and impoverishment of the American population.

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