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Starving his own people

North America

Starving his own people


Starving his own people
The Ottawa Citizen
559 words
16 October 2008
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Robert Mugabe is at war with his own people, and has been for years. The African strongman will use whatever weapons he can get his hands on, but he favours the slow weapons of hunger and disease.

The Times of London recently reported, after an underground investigation, that Zimbabwe is on the brink of a famine that could kill millions. Children are already dying, their bodies swollen. The inadequacy of water supplies and sanitation has produced cholera outbreaks.

This is no natural disaster. It’s largely the result of Mr. Mugabe’s insane agricultural and economic policies. He has used food as a political weapon and prevented starving children from getting the help they need. The government of Zimbabwe only recently lifted a three-month ban on food distribution. 


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