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  • Jul 19 / 2016
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Women and Development, Not Gender and Politics: Explaining ASEAN’s Failure to Engage with the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

While questions have been asked about whether ASEAN could, or even should, adopt the United Nation’s Women Peace and Security (WPS) agenda, this article is the first to ask why it has not done so already. ASEAN’s strong engagement with gender issues beyond the WPS agenda, together with the pressing need to address conflict and [...]

  • Jul 18 / 2016
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Middle Powerism in the 21st Century: Mission Impossible? (No. of pages: 4)

7 6 global asia V ol. 11, No. 1, spring 2016 global asia Cover story Co-operative Security 2.0 Recasting the East Asian Security Order The launch of the ASEAN Regional Forum resonated with the ideas of comprehensive security enshrined in ASEAN processes and the new ideas of co-operative security developed in Europe in the late [...]