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  • Mar 29 / 2017
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‘Europe must prepare itself for difficult times ahead’

  Cover Story 1725 words 23 March 2017 India Today INTY English Copyright 2017. Living Media India Ltd   Brexit will soon become a reality, with Great Britain initiating its legal separation from the European Union. Meanwhile, an influx of West Asian refugees has given the continent its biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II. This [...]

  • Dec 08 / 2016
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South America

El Mediterráneo tomó la vida de 4.715 inmigrantes

GINEBRA, Suiza. Un total de 4.715 personas murieron en el transcurso de este año intentando cruzar el mar Mediterráneo, lo que representa 1.600 muertes más que en el mismo periodo de 2015, según los últimos datos de la Organización Internacional para las Migraciones (OIM). Así lo señaló el organismo en un documento que registra la [...]

  • Sep 19 / 2016
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Europe, North America

Canada marks 40 years of relations with European Union

Saanich News — When a young Jeremy Kinsman joined the staff of the Canadian Mission to the European Economic Community in 1968 as its first political officer, the office conditions were less than ideal. “I don’t think most people knew we had a mission. It was just a start up mission and it was in [...]

  • Sep 19 / 2016
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North America

Who’s afraid of refugees?

Jammu, Sept. 10 — Viet Thanh Nguyen is an American writer and author of the bestselling novel, The Sympathizer. He came to America with his family in the summer of 1975 after a long and arduous journey from the war ravaged Vietnam. Nguyen’s debut novel has created quite a sensation in literary circles and gone [...]

  • Aug 11 / 2016
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Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America

State of play: A world war is going on

India, Aug. 6 — The planet and humankind are undergoing one of the periodic phase changes that bring so much turmoil and trauma to the global ecosystem. The geopolitical situation is characterised by the intensifying conflict between the Atlantic-centric power structure, hegemonic since more than four centuries, and some new or resurgent civilisational (national and [...]

  • Jul 28 / 2016
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Germany’s New Global Role: Berlin Steps Up

Germany’s recent history is the key to understanding how it sees its place in the world. Since 1998, I have served my country as a member of four cabinets and as the leader of the parliamentary opposition. In March of that year, German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder delivered a speech in Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag, titled [...]

  • Jul 27 / 2016
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Brexit, Eurocrats, Europeans and the Others

There is a spectre that has been haunting Europe since 1992, it is the on-going transition from the Westphalian State to the European State. Brexit is not about the United Kingdom alone, it’s about the much larger question about whether the State as Europeans know it should give up on national sovereignty. We could start [...]

  • Jul 18 / 2016
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The European Jihadi Union

Policemen take part to an operation against a jihadist cell in the Spanish city of Melilla on March 14, 2014 It took only four days for the next plot twist — a coordinated jihadi attack at Brussels airport and a metro station only 500 meters away from the EU headquarters. Under a blowback scenario, this was largely [...]

  • Jul 12 / 2016
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Europe, Middle East

Belgium : Doorstep remarks by High Representative / Vice-President Federica Mogherini ahead of the meeting of International Syria Support Group

The fact that the International Support Group is meeting today to try to call all the actors to stick to the commitments we all made in December, including the support of the talks, including the commitment to a ceasefire, including the commitment to confidence-building measures and humanitarian access, is extremely important. This is the chance [...]

  • Jul 07 / 2016
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At least 10,000 refugee children have ‘vanished into sex work and slavery trade’ after arriving in Europe

* Thousands of young migrants targeted by criminals and are now missing * Evidence some are being sexually exploited with communities in Europe * UNICEF claims 90,000 unaccompanied children in Germany and Sweden * British Government promised to take in more separated from families * For more on the refugee crisis visit www.dailymail.co.uk/refugeecrisis At least 10,000 refugee children have vanished [...]