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  • Oct 14 / 2014
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North America

Liberals betraying themselves; Originators of R2P now don’t want to honour it

One decade ago, many Canadian liberals could only watch – aghast, livid and limp – while a humanitarian principle that they’d created was mutilated beyond recognition and manipulated with fatal cynicism in Iraq. Last week, Canadian Liberals actively betrayed the same principle in the same country, refusing to mobilize it for the type of atrocity [...]

  • Feb 08 / 2012
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North America

‘Loss of time means loss of lives’; Syrians have been abandoned by the international community as it fails to invoke the UN Responsibility to Protect doctrine

In a cruel mockery of the Syrian people, who are under escalating assault by President Bashar Assad’s murderous regime, Russia and China vetoed United Nations Security Council efforts to stop the bloodshed in Syria. In a particularly mocking defiance, the vote was held on the same day that Syrian forces killed 200 people in Homs [...]