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  • Jul 06 / 2016
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The Geneva refugee convention can’t cope with this crisis. Time for a rethink

The exodus from war-torn and poorer countries and pull of the EU have created a demand the world cannot meet How far we have come from the warm generosity of the German summer to the cold hard reality of a Nordic winter. Europe’s internal borders have been closing; its external borders are being reinforced. And governments are [...]

  • Sep 04 / 2013
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Syrie: quel sera le prix de l’indécision des Occidentaux?

  News; Analyse Moyen-Orient syrie; Le prix de l’indécision Vincent Hugeux, Dominique Lagarde, Axel Gylden, Marie de Vergès Par Vincent Hugeux, avec Dominique Lagarde, Axel Gyldén, Jean-Michel Demetz, Emmanuel Paquette et Marie de Vergès, à Jérusalem V. H. 2495 words 4 September 2013 L’Express EXPRSS 50-53 3244 French Copyright 2013 Groupe Express-Roularta, All Rights Reserved.   En différant [...]