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  • Jan 07 / 2017
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Looking back at Kosovo can move the Syria conflict forward

LLOYD AXWORTHY AND ALLAN ROCK  Special to The Globe and Mail Published Monday, Aug. 26, 2013 7:00AM EDT President Obama seems finally ready to engage in Syria with more than hollow rhetoric. Sadly, this comes after more than 100,000 deaths, two million refugees and massive internal destruction. It comes too after sustained inaction has allowed fanatic [...]

  • Sep 19 / 2016
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Europe, Middle East

Western military intervention saved lives in Bosnia. It can work in Syria, too.

Muhamed Sacirbey was the first ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations and is a former Bosnian foreign minister. In 1995, he accompanied the Bosnian delegation to the Balkan peace negotiations in Dayton, Ohio, which brought a political settlement to the conflict in Bosnia. Syria’s largest city is on the brink of starvation. [...]

  • Aug 11 / 2016
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State of play: A world war is going on

India, Aug. 6 — The planet and humankind are undergoing one of the periodic phase changes that bring so much turmoil and trauma to the global ecosystem. The geopolitical situation is characterised by the intensifying conflict between the Atlantic-centric power structure, hegemonic since more than four centuries, and some new or resurgent civilisational (national and [...]

  • Jul 28 / 2016
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North America

Liberals opt to delay the tough tasks

Eight months into their first mandate, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s Liberals can head into their long summer break content that Canadians show no sign of buyer’s remorse. The government continues to score well in polls and Trudeau’s personal popularity remains solid. “So far so good” seems to be the general attitude, though it would be wise [...]

  • Jul 28 / 2016
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Rundle: the Chilcot Inquiry, and Iraq’s true history

The frenzied morning that the Chilcot report was released in the UK, Tony Blair appeared at a rare press conference on home soil. This was Blair at his bestworst: the street fighter determined to defend his record and his legacy. The Chilcot report had laid out much, though not all, of the disastrous process by which the [...]

  • Jul 27 / 2016
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Middle East


Asianet Pakistan Private Limited Introduction and overview The Arab Spring began in late 2010 in Tunisia where a local protest got converted into a mass movement against the decades-old regime of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. A domino effect followed in several other Arab countries, where the public was emboldened by the success of [...]

  • Jul 26 / 2016
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South America

Kill List: Smashing the ‘B’ in BRICS

BRICS and SCO International Media Centre Let’s start with the Kafkaesque internal turmoil. The coup against President Dilma Rousseff remains an unrivalled media theatre/political tragicomedy gift that keeps on giving. It also doubles as a case of information war converted into a strategic tool of political control. A succession of appalling audio leaks has revealed that key [...]