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  • Jan 13 / 2017
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North America

Why the West can’t be bothered to save Aleppo

Nearly two decades ago, Michael Ignatieff, a future Liberal party leader and would-be prime minister, was instrumental in formulating a concept we may want to revisit in the aftermath of the tragedy of Aleppo. In 2001, Ignatieff was one of three members of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty set up by the [...]

  • Jan 09 / 2017
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Crisis de refugiados y pérdida de derechos, la última reflexión de Bauman

Crisis de refugiados y pérdida de derechos, la última reflexión de Bauman; ZYGMUNT BAUMAN 721 words 9 January 2017 01:41 PM Agencia EFE – Servicio Nacional AGESER Spanish Copyright 2017 Agencia EFE. All Rights Reserved   Carmen Sigüenza Madrid, 9 ene (EFE).- La crisis de los refugiados, la pérdida derechos y la política de construcción [...]

  • Jan 02 / 2017
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CPI : autopsie d’un naufrage judiciaire

Plusieurs Etats africains ont annoncé leur retrait de la Cour Pénale Internationale (CPI), il s’agit de l’Afrique du Sud, du Burundi et de la Gambie. La Russie a également décidé de retirer sa signature du traité de Rome, qu’elle n’avait, par ailleurs, pas ratifié. L’hémorragie ne devrait pas s’arrêter là puisque d’autres pays, le Kenya, les [...]

  • Dec 29 / 2016
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Middle East

Les leçons d’Alep appellent à la lucidité

La chute d’Alep, reprise par les forces loyales au président syrien Bachar el-Assad, ne marque ni la fin du prologue ni le début de l’épilogue d’une guerre civile qui dure déjà depuis cinq ans et demi et qui est aussi un conflit régional, voire mondial, par forces interposées. La prochaine grande bataille se livrera dans [...]

  • Dec 22 / 2016
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North America

How heartbreaking images from Aleppo could actually change international norms

Chiara De Franco Huffington Post 12/22/2016 The siege of Aleppo is a mass atrocity with unprecedented levels of visibility. Confronted with the horrific images of a destroyed city, and the testimonies of wounded survivors using social media to reach out to the world, many have argued that a complete meltdown of humanity is unfolding. Some have lamented that [...]

  • Nov 28 / 2016
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Silent censorship regime at work

  Silent censorship regime at work 930 words 28 November 2016 New Straits Times NSTRAT 13 English (c) 2016 New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad.   LAST week, I received an email from my UK book editor, informing me of changes made to one chapter. The chapter is on international organisations and is meant for [...]

  • Oct 22 / 2016
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Questions sur une intervention occidentale

  Questions sur une intervention occidentale 794 words 22 October 2016 L’Expression EXPRSI French © Copyright Dar Assabah 2016. Provided by Syndigate.info, an Albawaba.com Company All Rights Reserved.   Les Rafales français ont semé en 2011, les bombes, la mort et le chaos en Libye puis sont partis Fallait-il intervenir pour soutenir la révolution libyenne [...]

  • Sep 18 / 2016
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Hail and farewell with UNanswered questions

The United Nations Secretary General (UNSG) Ban Ki-moon visits Sri Lanka on Wednesday for what is a virtual farewell call as he completes his term of office at the helm of the 193- nation world body. According to unconfirmed reports he is now a possible contender for the Presidency of his native land, South Korea. [...]

  • Sep 02 / 2016
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Africa, North America

How to make R2P work

The international community selectively applies the principle of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and too often turns a blind eye to mass atrocities, including genocide. Yet there have been instances when the world has done the right thing, intervening to prevent the mass slaughter of innocent civilians, thereby vindicating R2P. Biggest successes “I think R2P, in [...]