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  • Dec 19 / 2016
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  焦点 台美将共同推动妇女赋权 记者黄国梁╱台北报导 344 words 19 November 2016 联合报 (简体) UDNDCN A3 Chinese – Simplified Copyright 2016. United Daily News. All Rights Reserved. 联合报版权所有,不得转载。   外交部昨晚表示,APEC经济领袖会议领袖代表宋楚瑜与美国国务卿柯瑞,共同宣布合作成立「APEC妇女与经济子基金」意向,台美将合作推动妇女赋权。 For full article, click here

  • Jul 07 / 2016
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Sovereignty in South China Sea reaffirmed

Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou paid a visit on Thursday to Taiping Island, the largest island of the Nansha Islands in the South China Sea. In a speech to people living on the island, Ma said the sovereignty of the Nansha, Xisha, Zhongsha, Dongshan islands and surrounding waters is beyond doubt, Xinhua News Agency reported. Ma said that [...]