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  • Jul 09 / 2016
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Eyes in the sky: satellites and war

How geospatial technology is exposing atrocities and breaches of international humanitarian law in war zones Technology can expose human rights violations in conflict areas, but associated policy must be carefully thought through, Renata Sivacolundhu writes. In 1995, classified satellite imagery revealing evidence of mass killings of civilians in Srebrenica was tabled in the United Nations Security [...]

  • Feb 23 / 2014
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Aun con YouTube, la ‘realpolitik’ manda

  Internacional Aun con YouTube, la ‘realpolitik’ manda Andrea Rizzi, NAIARA GALARRAGA 23 February 2014 El País – Nacional PAISN KI (Kiosko) 14 Spanish (c) Copyright DIARIO EL PAIS, S.L. http://www.elpais.es.   Las nuevas tecnologías facilitan la denuncia de crímenes contra la humanidad, pero los intereses estratégicos de las potencias frenan las intervenciones humanitarias La matanza de [...]