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  • Aug 29 / 2018
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Middle East

Yes, Syria’s Assad regime is brutal. But the retaliatory air strikes are illegal and partisan

Yes, Syria’s Assad regime is brutal. But the retaliatory air strikes are illegal and partisan April 19, 2018 4.05pm EDT Civil war has raged in Syria for seven years. AAP/ Youssef Badawi Disclosure statement Amy Maguire is a member of Amnesty International and a Co-Chair of the Indigenous Rights Subcommittee of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights. Jason [...]

  • Sep 19 / 2016
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United Kingdom : “Part of our Responsibility to Protect lies in ensuring that those who seek to harm civilians know that impunity is not an option.”

Thank you very much Mr. President, and thank you to the Secretary-General for his report on the Responsibility to Protect. Its very strong focus on the challenges of implementing that doctrine are especially welcome, and I would like to reaffirm at the outset the United Kingdoms commitment to implementing the R2P doctrine, and I would [...]

  • Jul 30 / 2016
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Shorter visits Qaa and gifts army in Baalbeck: UK remains determined to support Lebanon’s stability

NNA – In a demonstration of the UK’s commitment to Lebanon’s stability, British Ambassador to Lebanon, Hugo Shorter, visited Qaa to express the UK’s solidarity with the municipality and its people and to see first-hand how the UK is supporting vulnerable border communities by strengthening the Lebanese Army and funding development projects which will improve [...]

  • Jul 28 / 2016
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Europe, Middle East

Rundle: the Chilcot Inquiry, and Iraq’s true history

The frenzied morning that the Chilcot report was released in the UK, Tony Blair appeared at a rare press conference on home soil. This was Blair at his bestworst: the street fighter determined to defend his record and his legacy. The Chilcot report had laid out much, though not all, of the disastrous process by which the [...]

  • Jul 19 / 2016
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Not My Problem: UK ‘Turns a Blind Eye’ to Europe’s Migrant Crisis

They are the somber words of Marietta Provopoulou, general director of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) which chime with the condemnation from a plethora of human rights and aid charities of the European Union‘s treatment of asylum seekers; amid accusations that Britain is “turning a blind eye” to the plight of refugees. The UK has an obligation [...]

  • Jul 18 / 2016
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UK has ‘moral duty’ to help Jungle kids

Why are refugees choosing UK over rest of Europe? In 1940, thousands of children were evacuated from British cities and sent off with a label into an uncertain future. Likewise, in Europe, Jewish parents sent their children off in the Kindertransport and by other means. It was accepted that it was everyone’s responsibility to protect these children [...]

  • Jul 05 / 2016
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International Politics; Reports from University of Essex Provide New Insights into International Politics (R2P from below: Does the British public view humanitarian interventions as ethical and effective?)

2016 JAN 14 (VerticalNews) — By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Politics & Government Week — Investigators publish new report on International Politics. According to news reporting originating in Colchester, United Kingdom, by VerticalNews journalists, research stated, “One of the major barriers to the implementation of the Responsibility to Protect principle is the lack of a [...]

  • Jan 06 / 2016
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Europe, Middle East, North America

The Refugee Crisis, War and Socialism

The Refugee Crisis, War and Socialism Peter Schwarz 1066 words 21 October 2015 01:00 AM World Socialist Web Site wc92455 English © 2015 For 14 years, the US and its European allies have been waging uninterrupted war in the Middle East and North Africa. They and their client states in the region have largely destroyed [...]