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  • Dec 19 / 2016
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  焦点 台美将共同推动妇女赋权 记者黄国梁╱台北报导 344 words 19 November 2016 联合报 (简体) UDNDCN A3 Chinese – Simplified Copyright 2016. United Daily News. All Rights Reserved. 联合报版权所有,不得转载。   外交部昨晚表示,APEC经济领袖会议领袖代表宋楚瑜与美国国务卿柯瑞,共同宣布合作成立「APEC妇女与经济子基金」意向,台美将合作推动妇女赋权。 For full article, click here

  • Jun 28 / 2016
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North America

Time to lead

Whether or not President Obama is willing to get into another Mideast war, ISIS is already at war with the U.S. and with a host of other nations in both the Islamic and non-Islamic worlds. And at a moment when the nation and the world needs strong leadership, there’s been something off-key and defensive in [...]