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  • Jan 13 / 2017
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North America

Why the West can’t be bothered to save Aleppo

Nearly two decades ago, Michael Ignatieff, a future Liberal party leader and would-be prime minister, was instrumental in formulating a concept we may want to revisit in the aftermath of the tragedy of Aleppo. In 2001, Ignatieff was one of three members of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty set up by the [...]

  • Dec 16 / 2016
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‘Meltdown’ in Aleppo is a new low point in inhumanity

‘Meltdown’ in Aleppo is a new low point in inhumanity 839 words 16 December 2016 Cape Times CAPTIM E1 8 English © 2016 Independent Newspapers (Pty) Ltd   Aleppo has defined 21st century inhumanity and will go down in history as representing the worst of human carnage, just like Halabja, Srebrenica and Rwanda. There are [...]

  • Jun 28 / 2016
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Middle East, North America

The United States Is in Refugee-Creation Business

TEHRAN (FNA)- Most of us in the United States have a vague awareness of a Second Iraq War. There was invasion, devastation, death, victory”, and the catharsis that seemed to flood over the nation after the lynching of a Third World dictator, antiwar said in a commentary. Satiated revenge, finally, for 9/11, was the implicit [...]

  • Jun 28 / 2016
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Preventing violent conflict should be at the core of this new agenda. Since the Carnegie Commission’s landmark report on the prevention of deadly conflict in 1997, it has been common to separate prevention into two components: operational prevention, aimed at preventing violence that is imminently apprehended, and structural prevention, aimed at reducing or mitigating the [...]

  • Oct 30 / 2015
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North America

The new face of extremists

Editorial/Opinion The new face of extremists \ Ignoring the religious ideology that motivates some people to commit murder is problematic Geoffrey P. Johnston GEOFFREY JOHNSTON 1344 words 30 October 2015 Kingston Whig Standard KNGSWS Final A5 English 2015 Sun Media Corporation   The world is changing rapidly. Social media has revolutionized the way in which [...]

  • Oct 28 / 2015
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Why can’t the UN protect civilians in places like Syria?

Why can’t the UN protect civilians in places like Syria? Simon Reich, Professor in The Division of Global Affairs and The Department of Political Science, Rutgers University Newark 1550 words 28 October 2015 The Conversation CONVAU English Copyright 2015. The Conservation Media Group. To many Americans, it feels as if the world is becoming a [...]

  • Apr 10 / 2015
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North America

Canada’s ISIS mission

Initially, I was convinced that the war against ISIS could be morally justified. Since ISIS is a malevolent force from which neither Iraq nor Syria are able to protect their populations, the international community has a responsibility to intervene; on this point, there does seem to be, as Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson frames it, [...]