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The Bush Doctrine Is Relevant Again

North America

The Bush Doctrine Is Relevant Again


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The Bush Doctrine Is Relevant Again
By Bret Stephens
870 words
24 June 2008
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Here’s a prediction: Zimbabwe’s Morgan Tsvangirai will win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

He would be its worthiest recipient since the prize went to Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi (one of the prize’s few worthy recipients, period) in 1991. He deserves it for standing up — politically as well as physically — to Robert Mugabe’s goon-squad dictatorship for over a decade; for organizing a democratic opposition and winning an election hugely stacked against him; and for refusing to put his own ambition ahead of his people’s well-being when the run-off poll became, as he put it last weekend, a “violent, illegitimate sham.” 


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